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Lose Your Back Pain, Improve Your Golf Game with Rotary Stability

06.18.2018 | Forge Performance

Lose Your Back Pain, Improve Your Golf Game with Rotary Stability

Lower back pain has been the culprit for sidelining a lot of active adults. If you’ve ever played golf or tennis uncomfortably, you probably know what we’re talking about. Every time you hit the ball, you wince. You’ve probably tried stretching and warming up before you play. That normally works for a brief period of time, but the back pain usually comes back as the match or outing goes on.

Aside from lacking the proper mobility in the hips and upper back (see our Self Assessment Series for more), lack of stability in the core is the biggest culprit. So what do you do about it? Exercises like planks may not be enough. Whether your struggling with back pain, or looking to improve your game, then this week if for you. In this article, we’ll show you our go-to exercises for improving stability in the core that you can start doing RIGHT NOW.

Achieve Balance

An imbalance of the body is the #1 reason for pain. When we build up imbalances in the body, we create compensations. When we create compensations, certain muscles, tissues, and joints are overworked or stressed.

For all sports, there is an ideal imbalance that needs to be achieved for performance. But for the everyday individual, or for predominantly one sided sports, proper training intervention is needed to maintain health and performance.


Before we can be stable, we must create an adequate amount of mobility. For rotary stability, our focus will be on mobilizing the thoracic spine (upper back). Below is one of our favorite drills for accomplishing just that. Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

Quadraped T-Spine Rotation

Achieve Static Stability

A large part of stabilizing the spine is learning how to stabilize one segment of the body while moving another. Especially when talking about lower back health, few exercises create this stability like the Half Kneeling Lift. It’s also a tremendous exercise for individuals in rotary sports like golf and tennis. While the lower body is held still, the upper body moves against resistance, forcing the pelvis and core to stabilize the spine. Check out the in depth video below to see what we mean.

Half Kneeling Lift

Achieve Dynamic Stability

It doesn’t matter how strong your body is. If you can’t create stability during dynamic movements, you’ll never be able to display your athleticism. For most people, the exercise below will be one of the best “bang for your buck” exercise. It not only addresses rotary stability, but is a move often used for individuals who need better shoulder stability. Check it out.

Partial Turkish Get-Up

Decrease Tone

A daily practice we strongly recommend to decrease body tone (or tension) is crocodile breathing. It’s one of the most simple breathing exercises that can deliver a large return on the investment of doing it for five minutes. We use it as a way to:

  • decrease stress (mental, physical, emotional)
  • decrease tension to enable better movement
  • meditate
  • reinforce proper breathing mechanics

Crocodile Breathing

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